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By Heather Muriello, creator of Winefarer, a wine and lifestyle blog and social media presence @winefarer that simplifies the world of wine through approachable tasting notes, fun content, real life experiences and stories!

An “oenophile” – a connoisseur of wines. Whether it’s taking classes to further education, traveling to different wine-specific regions, or simply browsing through shelves of different wine shops to self educate, nothing obstructs a wine lover’s focus when it comes to learning about wine. I’m sure we all know someone who is “wine obsessed” and while gifting the perfect bottle of wine can be tricky due to personal preferences and palates, here are 12 wine-related gift suggestions (that aren’t single bottles) for all of those wine lovers in your life this holiday season.

The Impossible Collection of Wine ($995)

The ultimate wine collectors treasure and always a best seller around the holidays, “The Impossible Collection of Wine” is a compilation of the most exceptional wines of our time captured in this stunning book. A bit of a hefty price point but something that will be referenced and displayed for a lifetime!

Arguax’s Blind Tasting Kit ($65 – $150)

Practice makes perfect and blind tasting is imperative to build up the confidence to identify wines with ease from around the world. Leave it to Arguax to curate a beautifully organized and designed blind tasting kit for the chicest wino. Comes complete with thoughtfully wrapped wines, instructions on “How-To Blind Taste”, an overview of varietals and regions, and a few fun tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Eto Wine Preserver ($190) 

Give the gift of time with this exquisitely designed wine decanter that preserves and protects your wine from being oxidized for up to 2 weeks. It comes in three gorgeous mirror finishes of stainless, copper, and gold which will beautify any kitchen counter. Now that’s fashion meets function.

Crate & Barrel Champagne Stopper ($5.95) 

Every wine lover needs a casual champagne stopper on their bar cart. These goodies are professional-grade and chrome-steel proving to save those tiny bubbles through the night. Makes the perfect stocking stuffer or gift add-on for the holidays

Coravin Sparkling™ Sparkling Wine Preservation System ($399)  

Finally – a way to indulge in your favorite bubbly all weekend long. This new sparkling wine preservation system is a must for any bubbly lover, especially those expensive Champagnes that you want to last for longer than just one night. It’s a master preserver of fine bubbles and saves its bright and crisp flavor for up to 4 weeks. The perfect gift for the bon vivant who loves to celebrate life.

Estelle Hand-blown Colored Stemmed Wine Glasses – Set of 6 ($175)

Known as the “jewels for your table” these glasses are a must to elevate any wine experience. Estelle Colored Glasses are hand-blown stemmed wine glasses that are gentle yet sturdy and allow you to mix and match colors for any type of occasion. Makes the perfect gift for the entertainer who loves to host wine dinners with elegance. 

Moleskine Wine Passion Journals ($30) 

Wouldn’t it be great to remember every wine you’ve ever had? Give the gift of wine memory with these chic and festive Moleskine Wine Passion Journals to record all of your favorite wines with. Your receiver will thank you.

Vinglacé Wine Bottle Chiller and Wine Glass Gift Set ($125) 

A staple for all wine folks who want to keep their wine chilled ALL THE TIME. This Vinglacé Gift Set includes one wine bottle holder and two glasses in various colors to choose from. Both holder and glasses are insulated having the ability to keep your wine chilled for multiple hours! Also great for on-the-go outings.

Water & Wines Jigsaw Puzzles ($49) 

Explore your favorite wine region through Water & Wines gorgeous jigsaw puzzles! Designed by sommeliers, each puzzle features 10 wine regions with key appellations, grape profiles and so much more! They are beautiful, framable and educational! What a fun gift for someone who wants to learn more about wine!

Mass Wine Stopper in Various Designs by FS Objects ($76)

These wine stoppers are all around chic and will elevate any bottle you need to cork overnight. You can also get them custom stamped with initials or short phrases. Such a fun gift!

Wake Up Wine Pro Electric Decanter ($199.95)

The future of aging wine is here and the perfect gift for those impatient winos! Its patented technology simultaneously aerates and ages wine in minutes, enhancing its bouquet, flavor and aroma. 

Sommify: A Blind Wine Tasting Board Game ($49.99) 

Nothing is more intimidating for a wine lover than blind tasting!  Sommify is a blind wine-tasting board game that is not only fun for all but can be used as a learning tool to blind taste like a Sommelier!  Surprise your wine lover with this super fun blind tasting board game – they will thank you!

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