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White Claw Golfer Housewife Becky Robinson as the Entitled Housewife

Becky Robinson is the comedian behind Entitled Housewife, one of the funniest spoofs on “mom culture” we’ve seen. Her character sends up all-too-recognizable parts of modern motherhood, from mommy wine culture (in her case, displayed through a devotion to White Claw and an eschewing of Dry January), country club ladies (who golf and enjoy cocktails with the same ferocity) and the tribulations of marriage and kids (as in, it’s not all #soblessed). After falling down a rabbit hole watching her hilarious (and definitely NSFW!) YouTube series (seriously, click here before you finish reading this…), we knew we had to ask Becky where Entitled Housewife comes from, what’s next and more. Here’s what she said.

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Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I was born an accident in a Bucca Di Beppo in cul-de-sac-ville in Tigard, Oregon. I started hopping up on stages to do stand up or musical performances around the age of 21 while I was finishing college at San Diego State University, but had been performing for most of my life as a gymnast/dancer/theatre kid. I grew up idolizing and impersonating Mike Myers and Robin Williams and always wanted to play characters, act and perform. I loved the way they would transform their appearance and voice and morph into entirely different characters. I recently founded a production and lifestyle company called She Gone, Inc.  Where we focus on monetizing my multiple personality disorder.

Ha! We love the Entitled Housewife. How did you come up with this amazing character?
Every character I come up with usually stems from a strong emotion or feeling towards something I witness or experience. My sister is an ER nurse in Portland (where my parents live) and was worried sick about our folks so I went up to Oregon to help her out/try and make her laugh and remain upbeat during the pandemic, and to help our parents with groceries or anything they might need. It was the most time I’d spent at home since leaving for college when I was 18. Hanging out with two 65 year olds during a pandemic was frightening but also hilarious. My dad would wear 2 golf gloves to protect himself from getting covid and my mom was constantly saying “AH I’M JUST READY FOR THIS TO BE OVER WHAT ABOUT MY LIFE!” And then they went out of town and I went into their closet, tossed on an outfit and got in my dad’s Tahoe to film the first video. It was the first time I laughed really hard while improvising as a new character, and for that reason alone I couldn’t wait to do more. I remember thinking well heck even if anyone else doesn’t think it’s funny at least I’m gettin’ a kick out of it!

Awesome. So who exactly is the inspiration for The Entitled Housewife?
Entitled is inspired by a medley of my dad, self-proclaimed professional golfer, Steve Robinson, my mom (Cinbad) and many of the housewives I encountered when I first moved to LA. I was sleeping on a friends couch at an apartment in Brentwood, and would go for extremely long runs every time I got turned down for the various 9-5’s I was interviewing for and the mommy joggers I saw genuinely had me shooketh. They were so fierce: drenched in Alo/Lululemon running faster than I was while pushing twins in strollers with the best butts I’ve ever seen. I remember thinking, “Wow, they’ve got it all figured out… so why the hell are they constantly screaming about something with such anger?” I was intimidated as sin but also heavily inspired from what I witnessed. I remember trying to talk about it on stage in joke format a couple times, but felt like I could never do them the justice they deserved. You just had to see them in action.

Too funny.  What is your process for these videos?
An idea pops into my head, I jot down a couple lines in my notes, then fire up the camera and improvise until I find something that makes me laugh. Then I spend the duration of the editing process thinking “this is garbage no one will laugh I suck I’m the worst I’m not funny,” then I release the video anyways remembering “at one point I thought this was funny…hopefully someone else will too!”

Why do you think this character resonates so well?
Her drinking problem and wig, probably! Haha but really – I think moms are the toughest cookies on the planet, and have had to go through so much and find reasons to laugh through different kinds of pain with their comrades/families/co-workers – and this character showcases that and let’s us see behind the curtain of how they maintain some sort of sanity through the chaos that is life.

Love that and agree totally. What is the funniest request you’ve gotten for a Cameo?
I am constantly laughing from the requests. My favorite ones are when a housewife’s significant other is in the doghouse for something – like spending too much time on the course, or being a piece of shit in general – and the husband puts in a request begging for Entitled to make it right and win points back with the wifey. A lot of requests to roast bad golfers as well, which I THOROUGHLY ENJOY as a not-so-great golfer myself!

What’s the best response you’ve gotten after doing a video?
Haha – MY PARENTS APPROVAL. When their friends started quoting my videos to them they finally got on board with the character. The other day my dad asked me to autograph an Entitled poster for his golf buddy that said “FILL YOUR DIVOTS SNIFFLEDICK!” Never thought I’d see the day. Pure joy.

Becky Robinson pretty comedian headshot Becky Robinson

What other projects are you currently working on? What’s next for Becky Robinson and The Entitled Housewife?
We are planning for a full world takeover once things open back up and it’s safe. A live tour, new music, sketches, movies, launching a book – I want to make people laugh and do whatever I can to give people a break and spread joy for as long as I live. Entitled will be coming to a city and a golf course near you VERY SOON!

Can’t wait! Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you for the interview. I love you gieurlz!

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